Katie Brackenridge, MPP


Katie Brackenridge has worked with in-school and expanded learning systems for her entire career. Her recent work focuses on creating equitable learning conditions for students by integrating whole-child practices, structures and systems into the education system, including schools, districts, county offices of education and statewide organizations. She is particularly interested in building coherence across education initiatives by helping educators at all levels of the system understand their shared purpose and work through a whole-child lens. Katie was previously a Partnership Director at Turnaround for Children (now the Center for Whole-Child Education at Arizona State University) where she designed and delivered strategic projects and presentations about the science of learning and development and whole-child design. For the 14 years before Turnaround, Katie was the Vice President of Programs at the Partnership for Children & Youth, a non-profit intermediary organization focused on improving practice and policy for after school and summer programs in public education. Katie’s work is grounded in her 9-year experience as Co-Executive Director for the Jamestown Community Center, a grassroots youth organization in the Mission District of San Francisco. Katie has a BA from Williams College and a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.